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RADIANT is driven by its passion for QUALITY. We affirm our commitment for providing reliable quality product. This is evident at every stage beginning with receipt of enquiry till dispatch and after sales. Radiant redefines the definition of quality by setting high standards for quality, exceeding specifications and expectations of its customers. End-users are assured that their supplier is consistent and reliable in production and that the end result is a safe, effective and are with economical heat transfer solution.

Quality in Design

A good performing product always has a optimum and good design. Radiant uses its experience of @45 years for designing each and every equipment being designed for The Client & ensures that The Client gets a product which performs far better than their expectations for a longer period with trouble free operation. Radiant believes to achieve this right at the design stage.

Quality in Procurement

Correct Specification & requirements are provided to all the suppliers for the parts being procured. Testing requirements are also mentioned in the RFQ’s provided to suppliers, which ensures the suppliers meets the required project specifications & testing standards.

Radiant also believes in Supplier Quality and Sustainability assessment where suppliers goes through a thorough assessment by Quality, Purchase & Outsourcing team. Only qualified reputed suppliers are given chance to participate in the supplies for the Radiant Projects. Radiant maintains a list of approved suppliers for all the materials & assess them on periodic basis for requalification / holiday listing / black listing.

Radiant implemented “Just In Time” system for the materials to eliminate inventory & all the suppliers have been tuned up< to this process.

Incoming Goods Inspection

Inspection of the material at Supplier place OR at Radiant workshop is done as appropriate. Material not complying are being rejected & ensured a defect free material entry at Radiant workshop.

Quality in manufacturing – In process

Production and Quality is lead by qualified engineers who ensures the manufacturing happens as per the required inter-stage inspections & final inspections. In process quality is ensured by close monitoring of the processes and resources to enable manufacturing “The Best Quality” products.

Quality in packing

Radiant provides good quality packing at par with the international standard & as per customer requirements. Packing is selected based on the customer / actual product requirement with good quality packing material to sustain for considerable period of storage.

Quality in Logistic & Dispatch

Dispatch of the equipment with all the required documents for Domestic & Export consignments as per the purchase orders are ensured to be error free. Special recommendations from the customer are complied with for respective consignments.


Our welding engineering has over 60 qualified procedures for an extremely wide variety of metallurgies. Welders capable of welding in 6G, 4G, and 5F welding positions have been qualified under reputed inspection agencies like Lloyds Register Asia, TUV Nord etc.


During the course of fabrication we carry out Non-destructive testing in following ways:


Level I

Level II

Level III

Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT)




Radiographic Testing (RT)




Ultrasonic Testing (UT)




Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)




Visual Testing (VT)





Non Destruction Testing

a) Ultrasonic (UT)

Ultrasonic examination is used for identification of volumetric defects in raw material and Welding.

b) Magnetic Particle (MPT)

The magnetic particle examination method is applied to detect cracks and other discontinuities on the surfaces of Ferromagnetic materials.

c) Portable PMI Machine

We ensure and confirm that the material used is as per the requirement.

d) Special testing that can be offered

Helium leak testing We ensure that the product is leakage free till 1 X 10-6 mbar/sec

e) Special testing that can be offered

Tube to T/S Radiography Testing We ensure that the welding of Tube to Tube sheet is free of weld defects.